More and more, today’s event professionals rate top-quality visuals as highly as music. Based in Orlando, Florida, Nova Era is breathing new life into classical music with a modern approach. Much more than an attempt at Mozart: Plugged-In, Nova Era’s updated arrangements bring out the timeless appeal of classics such as Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and Pachelbel’s Canon. What's more, this ensemble performs in handcrafted 18th century costumes, and ornate, powdered wigs.
Previous engagements include international performances in Venice, Paris, The Palace at Versailles, Dubai UAE, Hawaii, Grand Cayman, Las Vegas and NYC just to name a few.. Nova Era takes classical music out of its isolated arena, giving it a warm and exciting edge that everyone can enjoy.
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Now your guests can enjoy the best of both worlds! Cut costs and provide greater entertainment variety.

Nova Era will enchant you over cocktails and dinner with their trademark blend of classically infused melodies doused with elegance in period attire ... and then, your guests get to experience the full Royal treatment as these versatile musicians transform into a high-energy Dance Band Extraordinaire performing a treasure trove of hits you'll definitely remember. This post dinner, high-energy, non-stop musical medley attraction will take you back to a better place in time. Dance to all your favorite retro, chart topping songs from the 70's, 80's & 90's.

Post Dinner - backstage, Nova Era's Rhythm section slips out of its period attire and is joined on stage by a seasoned Female Vocalist and a wailing Guitarist. A very energetic Show & Dance Band, we'll deliver a performance that is sure to dazzle your audience!
NOVA ERA FEATURED ON "MY FAIR WEDDING" When award-winning designer David Tutera needed the perfect entertainment accent for a very special wedding he turned to NOVA ERA.
In partnership with the QVC network, Nova Era has appeared frequently on television.
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